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 Oleg Syedyshev


Owner of the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd.
In own words: I was born September, 26th, 1949 in Kemerovo (Kuzbass, Russia) in the family of workers. My education - Medical University and one grade of musical school (bayan). I finished the secondary school in 1966 in village Kedrovskiy karier. Then entered the medical faculty of Kemerovo State Medical University. I graduated from the University with specialty medical business in 1972. I started working in parallel with the studies, from the first year at the University discharged goods trucks at nights at Kemerovo fruit and vegetables storehouse, when I was at my third-fourth years at nights I cleaned the trolleybuses. But at the fifth year I already worked by the specialty: traumatic surgeon at the out-patient reception hours at the Kemerovo polyclinic #3. After graduating from the University I was sent by the assignment to the Kurgan region, where I worked for three years as a surgeon at the Chashinsk regional hospital in Kurgan region. During this period I took specialization at cavernous surgery with professor Vitebskiy and traumatic surgery with Illizarov. In 1975 I decided to change my specialization to psychiatry. I worked as a psychiatrist in Kurgan regional mental hospital (head physician Haykin) during 1975-1979. In 1978 in Kazan GIDUV specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy. By the way, during the courses of psychotherapy of the psychiatry department of Kazan GIDUV I had the first encountered with polygraph, and it was not only the first encounter, but I volunteered to be examined on it.
During 1979-1984 I worked as a head of department at the mental hospital MSO-25 ShGU V3 USSR in Novosibirsk.
During 1984-1986 I worked at Kemerovo regional narcological clinic as a doctor psychiatrist-narcologist of Lenin district of Kemerovo.
During 1986-1988 returned again to the system of ShGU V3 USSR and worked as a head of psychiatric department MSO-104 in Charkesar, Uzbekistan.
In 1988 I came to Ukraine to the city of Mariupol, where I live now. During 1988-1990 I worked as a district psychiatrist-narcologist at Mangush district hospital of Donetsk region. In 1989 was attested with highest category doctor in psychiatry. Since 1988 in parallel with work at the hospital started business activity - I equipped at home a room for performing of hypnosis and cured neuroses, enuresis, stuttering, nicotine addiction.
In 1990 devoted all my time to business activity.
Currently I am a businessmen, own a printing house (printing company Printing House Status-Eko), Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma (Hanuma Net Ltd), private archive (Archive-Service Ltd)
Married for the second time. Daughter Ekaterina born in 1987, currently lives and studies in Canada.
The list of the web-sites I own: Projects I plan to realize in the nearest future: World News Of Dating And Marriage sexy brides for marriage sexy brides in bikini brides on the beach girls-profiles single brides single bride Single Pretties Banner Exchange Network Brides Of The World


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