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Web-site belongs to the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd. This web-site was created especially for foreign men who wish to find a wife from one of the countries of the Eastern Europe. Posting profiles of your female clients to our web-site you will help your ladies to find a life partner from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Helping your clients you also get a chance to earn money: services of our agency are paid by men and each agency that becomes our affiliate and posts women's profiles to our web-site gets commission for e-mail forwarding, translation of letters, delivery of photos and gifts, organization of personal tours in their city.

Getting registered in our partnership program you get paid for :
- profile registration - you get $0,75-1,25 for every activated profile (your commission for activation depends on quality and quantity of photos uploaded to profile);
- correspondence - you get $3,00 - 3,70 for every reply from a lady (commission for replies depends on the time it takes a lady to reply a letter and whether she has a video clip uploaded to her profile), $1,00 for every photo sent by a man to a lady or received by a man from a lady and opened by him;
- photo-exchange - you get $1,00 for every photo sent by a man to a lady or received by a man from a lady and opened by him;
- chats and video-chats - you get 0,25 cent for every second of the chat, 0,50 cents per every second of video-chat when one-way streaming is turned on (when a man watches video-streaming from lady's web-cam or vice versa), 0,75 cent for every second of video-chat with two video-streams (when both a man and a woman have their web-cams turned on wghile chatting);
- organization of conference calls - you get $5 for every conference call with one of your ladies (technical organization and translator are paid by us);
- video-clips - you get $0,12-1 each time a man views video of your lady (commission for video clips depend on the quali6ty and length of a video-clip);
- gift delivery - you get $5 for every fact of delivery, plus earn on buying gifts;
- organization of personal meetings - you get commissions for organizing personal meetings between your ladies and our customers, plus have possibility to earn on delivering interpreter services.

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