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This site was created specifically for marriage agencies. With our site, you can help your clients find a life partner in the USA, Canada, European countries, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Helping your female clients, you also get a chance to earn: our agency services are chargeable for men, and each agency that organizes communication between men from our database and agency's female clients, gets a commission for letters, photos, online chats, delivery of gifts, organizing meetings in their city.

By registering in our affiliate program you earn on :
- profiles you upload to our database - you get $0.75-1.25 for each activated profile (activation commission depends on the quality and quantity of photos);
- correspondence - you get $3.00-3.70 for each answer from the girl (commission per answer depends on the timing of the response to the letter and the availability of video in the client's profile);
- additional photo exchange - you get $1,00 for each photo, sent by a man to a girl or received by a man from a girl and paid by him;
- chats and video-chats - you get $0.15 (15 cents) per minute of simple chat, $0.30 (30 cents) per minute of video chat with one video stream (when a man watches a girl's video or vice versa), $0.45 (45 cents) per minute of video chat with double video stream (both man and girl chat with webcams on), per-second billing;
- organization of conference calls - you get $5 for each conference call with a girl from your agency (technical organization of the process and the fees to the interpreter will be paid by us);
- video-clips - you get $0.12-1.00 for each review of your girl's video by a man (the commission per view varies depending on the quality and duration of the video);
- gift delivery - You earn $5.00 per gift delivery to a girl plus you earn money on the purchase of the gift;
- organizing of meetings - you get $25-$35 for setting up meetings between your female clients and our clients.

Commissions are paid monthly in the currency of your choice and in a way that is convenient for you.

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